FeedYourFetish's Shop Announcement

So many people have asked how I arrived at my shop's name, so here it is my fetish; it's sustenance for my soul. By creating art,
I feed my fetish. Bon Appétit!

I simply love charm bracelets. Each charm is a finely detailed
miniature replica of what's meaningful to us. For me, charm bracelets
represent who we are, where we've been, what's important to us; our
hobbies, family, pets, work, play and achievements.

Jewelry that is a deep reflection and statement of the wearer by needs
must be custom ordered. Feeling a bit apprehensive about custom
ordering? I encourage you to check out my feedback. I am a great
listener and very intuitive; I want to hear what this bracelet will
represent. Your personal input is intrinsic to it's success.

When I started on custom pieces, I was surprised and delighted to reap
another benefit of the process; getting to know the person I was doing
the piece for. When opening this shop, before focusing on custom
pieces, I was so focused on the jewelry itself and creating a perfect
presentation that interactions between my customers and myself was not
something that occurred to me. I did not even consider that part of my business.

But now, it turns out, oft times the income is secondary to the reward I
feel when I'm able to design a bracelet that exceeds the customer's
expectations. What a thrill! I love what I do and am so pleased when
chosen to design a special piece of jewelry.

I am blessed with a lot of repeat customers, many whom honor me with
their friendship. You know who you are! Thank you for your support.

A brief explanation of my shop. You will find a variety of bracelets,
while some of these may be available, most are posted as examples of my
work and meant to spark your be used as a guide when
communicating with me what you prefer. Please don't hesitate to inquire
about ordering something made personally for you or your loved one.
When you give a loved one or friend a piece of my custom jewelry for a
gift, you are letting them know you care enough to go that extra mile;
that you know them and treasure them enough to be a part of
the creative process....more than an 'off the shelf' consumer. Many
have told me that very fact adds a dimension to the piece, and that it
will become a family 'heirloom'....memories that jingle and sparkle.

Join me in creating a piece of jewelry born in love and
understanding...we can do it together! I look forward with anticipation
to helping you create that perfect, personal gift.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.