FertilityBracelet's Shop Announcement

Fertility Bracelets and Fertility Necklaces crafted from fertility healing gemstones, and potent fertility symbols, support women dealing with infertility on their journey to conceive.

Trying to conceive can be a turbulent roller-coaster of emotions, as month after month, we wait for the two lines to appear - for our dreams to be made tangible. We wait to hear the blessed news of a baby's impending arrival. It can be heartbreaking to struggle, when those around you seem to reach their dreams so easily.

Our fertility bracelets were created to help support mamas-to-be through this process, by providing them with a touchstone of hope on their fertility journey. To act as a potent symbol of the energies required to make their dreams come true, and to give them strength, and comfort. They are a means of focusing our intentions. And whether or not the wearer believes in the metaphysical properties of stones, they work by touching our subconscious mind and directing our energies towards motherhood with positivity.


Kimberly McIntyre of LaBelleDame and has been designing and selling fertility bracelets since 2002, (the first on the internet to do so!) and has become the successful standard that most subsequent fertility bracelets have been modelled after. Her careful research into gemstones and fertility symbols, and her soulful approach to creating talismans of hope and focused intention, has helped thousands of mamas-to-be worldwide through the difficult and heart-aching journey to holding their longed for baby in their arms.

Kimberly's rose quartz and moonstone fertility turtle bracelet has been featured in Conceive magazine, and has received countless responses from our clients who have gone on to have successful pregnancies and healthy babies.

Kimberly seeks to include significance and symbolism in her designs to create a piece that holds personal meaning for the wearer. She believes that symbols are a powerful healer, reminding us to look deeper into ourselves to find the answers we need to be whole. Over her years of working with healing gems, creating healing jewelry, and training workshops in Hakomi (body centreed psychotherapy) she has learned the importance of touch, and the body, in the healing of the whole person. Combining symbols, both universal and personal, with the powerful sense of a tangible item to wear and touch during the day, she believes can be a powerful tool to help us to heal; by drawing our attention back to what is happening in our body, our mind, our soul at that exact moment - and to what needs our focused energy and compassion to heal.

Certified as a level 2 Reiki practitioner in traditional Usui Reiki (trained with Reiki Master and energy healer Roland Berard in Montreal), much of her current work holds a focus on emotional healing, with a desire to reach out to those in need of comfort and strength, with empathy and compassion for their current experience. She strives to create jewelry that will inspire her clients on their journey.

Kimberly is passionate about working closely with her clientele to create a piece that is exactly what they need to help them through their current experience; to recognize their inherent strength, to lend compassion, and to illuminate hope for the future.

Kimberly's soulful jewelry designs can be seen on well over 15,000 wonderful customers - and growing, worldwide. As well as selling to individual customers, Kimberly's designs have been commissioned by organizations from the Humane Society of the United States to The University of California's School of Midwifery.

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