African ecofriendly jewelry with natural beads

Rainbow of my colorful handmade recycled glass beads
My stones
Beautiful seeds and beads
My tools,leather and Mali wedding beads
Cowrie shells,Krobo beads,recycled vinyl,African brass and raffia fiber

Colorful Natural Jewelry from Africa

Fianaturals reflects my passion for colors.
I'm a painter:oil colors on canvas.
I mix my colors and grind my pigments to have the perfect amount of brightness in my paintings.

Each piece in my shop is unique or made in very small batch because i want my creations to stay specials.

Earthy colors are my favorites and i love working with seeds and nuts.I am always amazed by their designs made by Mother Nature.

Recycled glass,brass handmade beads,natural cowrie shells and seeds reflect my philosophy :Protect the Earth by reducing our waste.

I want to share with you my passion for beads that are rough and imperfect.
As you can see textures and colors are very important to me.

When i create it helps me to relax like when i take care of my garden.
My children love looking for worms,beetles,caterpillars and butterflies, there...i love doing that too!
I have a compost pile,make compost tea,grow herbs like basil and oregano,tomatoes and flowers..

I love discovering new things and love experimenting.

I hope to inspire people around me and i try to be a better human being every day.

A wa nou ****Akiba****Merci***Thank you!

owner, maker, designer, curator
Fia is a painter from Benin with a love for bright colors.
Her shop reflects her passion for beautiful handmade beads from West Africa.Fia uses recycled glass,seeds,nuts,cowrie shells,upcycled findings and beads.

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