Australian Handmade Quilted Crafts & Gifts

A Dream

I started my shop Fiber Art Plus in August 2011 with just a few Quilted Fabric Postcards, thinking oh i'll try selling a few cards. Underneath I was thinking that I probably won't sell anything because they aren't good enough.
Well within a few weeks I did have a sale & I will never feel that way again. It was such a relief to know that someone wanted to purchase my handmade products.
After I sold a few postcards I decided to add to my shop & so I made some coasters, Mats, Bags ect.
Now I have a range of handmade products that are one of a kind so when you purchase from my shop you may see one like it but never the same.
I also have handmade baby knits which my mother makes.
All this makes a great variety of handmade items when perusing my shop.
owner, maker, designer
I live in Melbourne Australia & I have been sewing, quilting for more then 29 years.
Most of my inspiration comes from the Australian bush which I love so much. The knitting is done by my mother who is nearly blind, what a great job she does.

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