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We are making a few classic designs available in new color combinations - check back often for updates !

Welcome to the official online store for Fierce Couture. We are listing our current collection and look forward to providing you with the perfect garment for any occasion.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions at contact[at] and join us online at:

FierceCouture's Shop Policies


Please allow two weeks plus time in transit for delivery.

Latex rubber is a natural product and will provide years of wear, provided you care for it carefully and correctly. The following recommendations will help ensure a long life for your latex garments.

Dressing and Shining
The first thing you'll want to do when putting on your garment is to use a dressing aid on the inside to facilitate slipping into it. Cornstarch works really well as a dressing aid (a sock filled with a few inches of cornstarch and tied off makes a fine tool for dusting the inside of a garment). You can also use talc or a silicone lubricant on the inside to slip it over your body.

Never, ever use oil based products on latex!

To get into a tight garment, slide your flat hands between your body and the garment and gently work it up around you. Pulling is a good way to puncture a garment with a fingernail. If you are having trouble getting into a garment, it means you are not using enough lube or powder.

Once you have it on, you can either use a latex polish to give it a nice shine or, if you want a high gloss, a silicone based lube. These are very different products and although they both work equally well, lube is a thicker, heavier product that will transfer much more easily to whatever it touches, ie: car seats, fabric, door handles, etc. This doesn't have to be a problem, but it's good to be aware.

There are several brands of latex polish specifically formulated for clothing grade latex. We use a product called Black Beauty and highly recommend it for shining and storage.

Cleaning and Storage
After wearing your latex, it is absolutely necessary to clean it. Over time, sweat and lube left on the latex will cause damage. Wash the garment by either filling a sink or bath with lukewarm water and briefly soaking the garment or by rinsing under lukewarm running water. If you've used lube on either the inside or out, add a bit of Ajax Lemon dish soap to help wash it off. Be sure to rinse well. Hang dry either over a towel or on a plastic hanger. When garment is completely dry, powder inside, lightly shine outside with latex polish.

Always store in a cool place away from sunlight. Do not hang a garment from its thin straps – drape over a plastic hanger or store in a plastic bag. For long term storage, wrap snaps or buckles in low tack masking tape and store as listed above.

Extended exposure to sunlight will cause latex to chalk. Metal will discolor latex - be aware of what your garment is resting against and never use metal hangers.

White Latex is more sensitive to metals and dyes than some other colors. Be aware of what you sit on when wearing white and store white away from other colors (especially red).

We know this is a lot of information but the better cared for a garment is, the longer it will last and the shinier it will remain. We've been able to keep garments looking beautiful for years and we want you to have that same experience.

Our Sizing Chart

Bust--- 32-33 / 34-35 / 36-37 / 38-39 / 40-41
Waist- 24-25 / 26-27 / 28-29 / 30-31 / 32-33
Hips--- 34-35 / 36-37 / 38-39 / 40-41 / 42-43

Corset Waist Measurements

20 / 22 / 24 / 28 / 30

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at contact[at]


We accept the following payment methods: PayPal, credit cards, USPS money orders, and checks (please note that orders will be held until check clears).

If you would prefer not to use PayPal but would like to use a credit card, we accept cards directly as well. Please contact us for information.

Sales tax will be added to all orders shipped to California.


We primarily use the USPS or UPS for shipping, depending on the size of the order and if insurance is requested.

Refunds and Exchanges

If you are not satisfied with your order for any reason, please contact us within 2 weeks for return authorization. A restocking fee will be issued for all returns and exchanges. Custom garments are not returnable unless there is an error due to workmanship.

Measurements provided for custom garments are the responsibility of the client and garments made according to inaccurate measurements are not returnable.

That said, we want you to be fully satisfied with your garment and will do whatever we can to make sure your garment will fit correctly.

Additional Policies and FAQs

Wholesale inquiries are welcome. Please email us for further information.

Last Updated March 16, 2011