FiksuVittu's Shop Announcement

Fiksu in Finnish means smart, clever - you might even say "crafty." Vittu can mean many different things depending on the context. It evokes boldness, strength, and power. Profane virtue and virtuous profanity. Obscene courage and courageous obscenity. So there you have it. FiskuVittu. (CraftyC***)

Much more to come, featuring nature photography, knitted items, re-imagined vintage finds and other whimsicle and sometimes glitter-laden objects. Right now it's just me, Gale (sometimes known as Knitibranch), but as a collective FiskuVittu expects to have some more talent on board soon.

Before the shop actually begins listing items made by, or with help from, other collective members, and in light of recent brouhaha (I love that word) over the meaning of "collective," I'll just share how I'm interpreting it, and if that doesn't put you off, then we're all good.

I have several friends who have skills and talents with certain types of art and craft, who have expressed interest in collaborating with me on an Etsy shop. Heather does awesome work using repurposed barn wood salvaged from throughout Sonoma County and beyond, and I've asked her to collaborate with me on some art pieces that would benefit from her skills. John makes some amazing metal sculptures that he'd like to sell, and Sarah's sewing skills are so much better than mine that I'm asking her to help execute ideas that I've come up with for items that I think are very "Etsy." They are all actual friends of mine, living in the US, doing the work in their own work spaces, in their spare time. I pay all the fees on the account. If something sells that was a joint effort, my friend gets half the proceeds, minus expenses. If something sells that was entirely their work (like one of John's sculptures) they get all the proceeds (minus expenses). I plan to donate 100% of my share to April Winchell's charitable fund.

I think this is a pretty uncomplicated arrangement. Just a few individuals, each doing handcrafting they're good at, on a small scale. Now, I admit to some angst over Etsy's interpretation of "collective," because my friends do their stuff in their own work spaces, not in mine, and Etsy has this rule about everyone being in the same location. That's one reason I haven't listed anything of theirs/ours yet; I'm kind of watching to see where things go on the whole issue. I started out with the idea that this would be FUN, but with all the controversy, I'm not so sure!