FlapperDapper's Shop Announcement

My First Shop Suitsmi opened in 1986 in Portland Maine in a small warehouse on Pleasant Street, selling vintage clothing and trifles. Later Suitsmi evolved into a Costume Design Company in the early 1990, carrying 700 custom made costumes in a broad range of eras.

For 25 years we supplied costumes to major film productions, Dance Companies, Theater Productions, Ice Shows, Rock Bands, costume events and Vintage collectors.

In the early years Suitsmi did design work for the PPAC and Steven Goldbass dance performances, and custom designed costumes for a madrigal dinners given by the University of Maine. Each year Suitsmi partook in an exciting and creative local designers fashion show, Preta Portland, showing original designs made on site at Suitsmi.

When Suitsmi closed its doors in 2006, a few years later Castellan Treasures was formed. Our first endevor is presented below:

We at Castellan Treasures are pleased to present our strikingly unique "Victorian Heirloom Stocking".

For years, our artistic Heirloom Stockings have been commissioned privately as "One of a Kind" designs, and they have not been available to the public. This is our coming out party, and we are inviting you to be the first, to be included in the release and sale of our "Retail Edition" of the "Victorian Heirloom Stocking" line.

Castellan Treasures' Heirloom Stockings are designed for striking visual appeal and artistry, shockingly unique quality and originality with a seductively pleasurable "hand", and finally, durability designed to last for generations.

This first Retail Edition of the "Victorian Heirloom Stocking" will be done in
Traditional Holiday Green, & Red quilted velvet with complimentary jacquard ribbons, Damask Liner & gold accents.

During the development of our product, our company has kept a close eye on the market and as our original concept of the Victorian curled toe Heirloom Stocking has been copied, we have found no product to compare to the quality & design authenticity of our "Victorian Heirloom Stocking". Most of these knock-off renditions are vastly simpler, with less trims, no stuffing, cheap adornment or bells, and much lower quality fabrics.

Our lovely original stockings are extremely unique and have a rare feel. We have experienced first hand, the love for our "Victorian Heirloom Stocking" by children and adults. They present an enticing and sumptuous addition of color and texture to any home for the holiday season.

We at Castellan Treasures have taken careful measures to assure our product is child-safe.