FlashcardZoo's Shop Announcement

These Flashcards are mother-created and toddler approved. Like all good things, these Flashcards were created out of necessity to keep my toddler on the potty long enough to potty train. I set out to create a colorful and washable set of flashcards with vibrant photos of things he loved in an effort to keep him occupied while sitting on the potty. IT WORKED! It also worked for several of his toddler friends. After several requests for shower and birthday party gifts, I decided to make the available to a wider audience.

Come and choose your favorite set of Flashcard Zoo Flashcards. Each set is full of vibrant colorful photos that will instantly capture your child's attention. Choose from a colorful set of Flashcard Zoo "Faves", Animal Flashcards, Boys Flashcards, Girls Flashcards and Number Flashcards. AND EACH FLASHCARD HAS A WRITING EXCERCISE ON THE BACK!