FlasksPlus' Shop Announcement

Welcome to the Combined Web store for Flasks Plus and Chain Reactions. Both web addresses will bring you to this same location. The top few pages of this site are devoted to products promoted and sold by Chain Reactions, while the remaining pages display and sell products produced by Flasks Plus.

I own and run the Flasks Plus side of things, while my wife, Janeen, runs Chain Reactions. We attempted to open and run a second Etsy store for my wife, but she admittedly was not very good or quick about responding to emails, orders, etc. I've been selling online since 1998, and here on Etsy for about a decade. So, it made sense for us to combine our two sites, where I can monitor the sales and inquiries from both sides. That allows my wife to do what she does best: Measure, cut and bind necklace chain.

For those of you who have shopped Flasks Plus for years, one significant change is that we are no longer offering lasering on our flask products. We ran into too many expensive issues with our laser machine, so we just shut it down, at least for now. In the meantime, I simply combined a few of the flask option pages, to make room for us to add a few pages where we can promote my wife's chain and pendant options.


This is a very unique business my wife runs, started in Tennessee in 2000 by my father. He got her started with it about 2 years ago, where we started setting up at various area craft shows since then. Beginning in late December of 2014, we added her line of products here in this Etsy store, normally dominated by products created and promoted by Flasks Plus.

Her primary product lines are pure 100% surgical stainless steel necklace chain options, half of which are also plated with 18k gold. These chain options come rolled up on spools with several yards of chain on each one. My wife cuts your chain by the exact inches measurement you purchase/request. She then cuts and binds your chain, before slipping them in a protective plastic baggie for mailing! She also mounts pendants on your chain for you, if you also purchase pendants from her at the same time.

Her secondary product lines are necklace pendant options, which she discounts along side purchases of 20 inches or more of her chain. To receive those discounts, the pendant(s) must be purchased on the same date as the chain.

Feel free to combine your purchases between both stores located here on the same site.



Basically, I create color coated stainless steel flask products, offered in up to 7 different sizes. They can be used as wedding party gifts, or gifts for birthdays, graduations, or "just because," while matching specific color themes.

I offer in-country customers FREE shipping upgrades with the purchase of more than one regular priced flask, and include a FREE flask funnel with over 99% of what I sell here. See the flask listings for more details on both offers.

As usual, you can order from any of our other flask listings, and request the specific color of your flask(s). As long as you close on the right flask size, you can ask for any of the colors we list in ALL of our flask listings.

RELATED NOTE: You can change the color of ANY of our regular priced flask products!! Our full color lists (Metallic and Non-Metallic options) are now posted in all of our flask listings, for your convenience.

Also, feel free to ask for upgrades such as:
**RUSH Service.............$2.00 per flask - Order is moved to the front of the ling.
**Priority Mail.................Cost varies, depending on flask size, but comes free for in-country orders of 2 or more flask-funnel sets.

NOTE: In-country orders of more than one flask-funnel purchase receive a Priority Mail shipping upgrade, FREE of charge as well!

In-Country Priority Mail Shipping = $4.50 for 18-oz flasks or smaller!
(FREE when purchasing more than one flask at the same time.

For Buyers Local to us in Greeley, Colorado:

If you're in a position to pick up your purchases when completed, we'll offer discounts off every flask purchase you want to make through our store. Just let us know how many you want, what size flasks you want, and the color(s) you want them made in. We'll set up a personal listing for you to close on. Again, this offer is for local pickup orders only!


Thanks again, and have a SUPER DAY!

YOUR Flask Is OUR Task!

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.