FleckensteinFineArt's Shop Announcement

I am a writer, painter and photographer living on a picturesque, historic 200-year-old farm in Upstate New York. Inspired by the beauty and abundance of the rural landscapes, rivers, and woodlands surrounding me, I strive to capture and communication the beauty of light and texture.

What I see in each of my subjects, whether I paint or photograph them, is a connection between the aesthetic of light and spirituality. The beauty of light takes my breath away when I see that spiritual connection, and it leaves me feeling as if I have touched -- if only for a fleeting moment, the face of god.

You may follow my blog at -- I am the blogger known as firefly, and have written the blog known as "I Live on a Farm" since 2006. I have two other Etsy shops, one is where I sell patterns of my knitting designs and some related products. The other store is where I have sold fine art as well as other creative products.

Fireflysstudio at Etsy will be closing once people have become accustomed to finding my fine art products here.

I hope you will browse through my paintings and photographs; perhaps you will find something here that would look wonderful hanging in your home or office. Thank you for taking the time to visit and to learn more about me and my life's work.

You might also enjoy visiting my son's Etsy Shop, where he sells very awesome vintage look subway signs and bus scrolls for various cities and neighborhoods.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.