FlipbookCafe's Shop Announcement

Convert any pdf into a professional virtual book now!

An ebook, or flipbook is, in the simplest terms, the digital version of your printed material. By using innovative PDF conversion software, your static PDF is transformed into an interactive, page-flipping, professional brochure that is present on the internet 24/7 at a fraction of the price of the printed medium.

Have a website? Ask your developer to imbed the link into your website.
Don't have a website but have a product catalogue? No problem - convert your pdf into an ebook and use the generated link to send to potential clients.

With such a constant online presence to a wide variety of new and existing customers, your e-brochure could be making you money whilst you are sipping on a cup of coffee! Our user-friendly client login panel ensures that you can effortlessly update your information – no more waiting on third parties! Have a change to your pdf? No problem - simply delete and re-upload!

With most companies opting to go green and to save money in this trying economy it is essential that all business owners harness the modern technology at their disposal. With the increase in printing costs and the harm done to our environment, digital publishing is certainly the way of the future - don’t get left behind!

What can I use it for?

• Brochures
• Manuals/User Guides
• Magazines
• Catalogues
• Annual Reports
• Presentations
• Newsletters
• Photo Collections
• Art Catalogues
• Travel Guides
• Food and Beverage Menus
• Case Studies
• Company Profiles
• Reference Materials
• eTutorials
• Reports
• Model Portfolios
• Conference Material

What are the benefits?

Professional Appeal: the modern and sophisticated layout ensures you can’t get it wrong. We combine our technology and your product/service to produce a user-friendly, high-quality end-product that will leave your clients more than impressed.

Less fuss, less costs, better functionality: unlike other e-brochure software we have done away with unnecessary, costly features for optimum functionality at a fraction of the price.

All you need is a PDF – no complex file formats required.

Need to change something? No worries! Simply upload a new PDF at no additional charge. Our robust, user-friendly system is there to work for you.

Hosting made simple: we will host your e-brochure on our domain. No website needed!

Simple and affordable payment methods to suit every taste: you can pay either once-off or by monthly debit order.

E-brochures are the future! With many companies going green, the constant digitizing of corporate material and the increase in use of the internet by your clients means you won’t be left behind.

An affordable marketing medium with wide reach and 24/7 online presence – the benefits far supersede that of the printed, expensive printed medium.