FlowerCityPretties' Shop Announcement

Martha, my Mother-in-law, has always enjoyed weaving. Currently, her favorite is making feminine scarves out of super soft, lightweight 100% cotton; she also incorporates metallic threads into many of her designs.

These flexible scarves are beautiful around the neck, over the shoulders as a shawl, as a headpiece, or even as a belt. They are very lightweight, perfect for spring, summer, and fall, and I even wear one with my wool coat in the winter. Each scarf is approximately 80 inches x 24 inches (200 cm x 60 cm). They should be hand washed with gentle soap; use a towel to press out the water and lay flat to dry.

Martha’s hand-crafted work is luxurious to the touch and gorgeous to behold. The smart, playful designs will add flare to any outfit and make a real statement. Her high-quality scarves will instantly become a timeless heirloom.

My goal is to bring Martha's beautiful scarves to a broader audience by photographing her pieces in a way that I can only hope does them justice, and help to manage her shop. If you have any questions please feel free to convo me, or you can convo Martha en espanol.