ForageDesign's Shop Announcement

Forage was born in 2005, conceived for a passion for travel, design, and festivals!

We specialize in designer clothing, Pocket Belts, Jewellery,
and Funky, Fair trade, Finger-knitted Hats.
Alternative, wearable, versatile, and exclusively designed by us!

We spend the winter in India: traveling, designing, and making jewellery, working with talented tailors, silversmiths and artisans who bring our designs to life.
Summer we spend traveling England selling our creations, proud to be a part of
the most diverse and dynamic gatherings for artists and musicians that the UK has to offer - the festivals!

We love being part of the festival community, and the creative platform it gives to independent artists, musicians and performers. This freedom has allowed us to grow over the years to the
size we are today without compromising our individuality.
The Forage designer earring collection is teeming with exciting and unusual pieces!

When working on our designs we steer clear of the classic ‘earring and hook’ design, preferring to treat each piece as a mini sculpture, one fluid piece which threads right through the ear .

These earrings are stylish, alternative and unique. Ranging from hand filed, mini silver ivy leaves climbing a spiraling vine earring, to copper dewdrops resting inside of a silver hoop, to our classic best-selling silver and wood spirals this range is the perfect balance of elegance and individuality.

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