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Side blown bamboo flutes with 4, 5, 6, and 7 tone hole tuning systems. Asian scales, Eastern scales and Ragas from India.

In my studio I cure different species of Chinese bamboo year round. When I build your flute order I drill the emboucher and the tone holes first, then I finish the holes with a quick burn from a selection of burning rods I have developed. Many of my flute designs are based on the David Carradine flute design model [bamboo flute can rest on the left shoulder like a violin.] My flutes are built in the ancient tradition of the master flute builders from China, Japan and India. I use a colorful custom mix of finishes, an eco-flow natural water based stain and a final treatment of various natural oils. Some flutes feature brown thread bindings.

I offer interesting flute tunings, North Indian Bhairava, Oriental Minor, Melodic Minor, Bilaval, Asavari, Arabian, Native Style Tuning, Middle Eastern, and more.

All my bamboo flutes are tuned in concert pitch A440 hertz. I am known around the world for my flute designs.

Experience "Nada Yoga" sound meditation with your flute journeys!

Thomas Richardson, Bamboo Flute Designs

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