ForeverAfters' Shop Announcement

Please place orders before Nov. 30 for guaranteed Christmas delivery. Orders will be considered for Christmas delivery on an individual basis thereafter. Thank you for shopping ForeverAfters. We are here, simply, because we believe that children's toys should endure the wear and tear of a life time. We don't make a toy, we hand-make a learning experience that will last...ForeverAfters. Our enduring hope is that your children will enjoy this experience as much as we have. If you have made a purchase needed by a definite deadline, please let us know when you order. If it is within reason we will get it to you in time. If not, we will let you know. A note about shipping: sadly, because the weight of wood can change drastically from one piece to another, we are not able to use calculated shipping.

ABOUT FINISHES - Your children's safety and happy play is our primary concern. Making a close second is your peace of mind. For this reason, we offer a variety of finishes that will provide flexibility for every priority in your life style.

Our own beeswax finish is chemical free, we use only 100% organic food quality waxes and oils. It is a natural product so it must be reapplied every two or three months to retain it's water resistant properties. Toys are easily cleaned by refreshing the beeswax finish. In keeping with this eco-friendly choice, we offer vegetable stains as opposed to painted accent colors, however, this is available with limited options. Please contact us for a list of vegetable dye color options.

Polyurethane is a petroleum product that is non-toxic when dry and provides good protection for the toys and furnishings. It is washable with a damp cloth and does not require reapplication for the life of the toy. We use only non-toxic and lead-free paint for all accent colors on polyurethane product.

In some instances, the best product for your family may be unfinished wood. We will happily accommodate this need upon request and at no extra charge.

QUICK SHIP - ForeverAfters QUICKShip - Quality toys at an affordable price...FAST! We know the needs of busy parents can change frequently. So, just like you, we endeavor to keep up with those ever-changing needs. Therefore, we are greatly enlarging our QUICKShip section. Over the next few months, you will be seeing a huge increase in the offerings available. Just look for the QUICKShip emblem on the main photo of our listings.

These items are pre-made, boxed and ready for your address label. Frequently, you will see them at your doorstep in less than a week. Always within 10 days (unless USPS has an exception). These items are brand new, first quality and ready to make your child's occasion special or a very special occasion of an ordinary day!

SPECIAL OR CUSTOM ORDERS - We will gladly consider a custom order for you. We will discuss the needs, share a method for meeting them and post a listing especially for you. We reserve the right to discontinue the arrangements once a listing has been listed 48 hours without purchase. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our shop policies. We reserve 4-6 weeks to delivery for custom orders

SPECIAL ORDERS, YES! -- LOCAL DELIVERY, YES! - INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING, YES! In all cases, please watch for an opportunity to indicate a choice of color in the instructions window upon ordering. Please "CONTACT" me from the menu on the right and I will be happy to allow for any additional information necessary to make these possible. Estimated ship dates and prices are valid for 7 days after the date of issue. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our shop policies. We reserve 4-6 weeks to delivery for custom orders. At times, we may do much better than that, sometimes we push right up to the last minute. Since we want to provide as much variety as possible to you, our valued clients, we make these products after we receive the order. If you need it "tomorrow", (okay, so THAT won't happen!) shipped within 3-4 days, find the rush order listing available in our shop listings. It will direct you to a $45 surcharge for this service. Thank you, and happy playing.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.