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We were lucky to make Sisters Oregon our permanent home in Jan. 2014!
Our little cabin in the woods of Sisters Oregon!
Finally enough room to store all of the inventory!
We met when John was 16 and I was 14 growing up in Southern California. He was my surfer boy!

"Hey Hon......I've been thinking..."

It's not John's favorite thing when I say "Hey Hon, come here, I have an idea" because it usually means work for him. "Hey Hon, wouldn't a deck over here look great!". "Hey Hon, I have an idea to redo the flower beds with split rail fencing".

"Hey Hon......I've been thinking..."
I think John thought I was nuts when I told him I wanted to start a tools and supplies shop on Etsy. I had been selling my jewelry on Etsy since 2007 and thought maybe I could fund it with my profits. My hours had just been cut back for the upcoming 2011/2012 school year by 25% and it seemed like the perfect time. It made me realize that maybe I wasn't as in control of my future as I thought, and this had been in the back of my mind for quite awhile.

I wasn't quite sure how I would juggle as a high school librarian, my jewelry shop, and another shop and oh yeah, still have a life, so I asked John "If I do this, I'll need your help". He said, "Sure, just do it". I don't think he realized what we were getting ourselves into! The "Man Cave" is now our warehouse, the pool table is our shipping station.

We opened on July 16, 2011 (It's easy to remember because it is our anniversary) with a handful of my favorite smithing tools and hopeful for a sale. We have been so amazed by the growth we have had this last year and by the loyal customers we have gotten to know from all over the world. It is all of you we need to thank!

I knew we had done the right thing the day John said to me..."You know maybe I won't have to pound nails for the rest of my life".... and the added bonus is that I get to work with my best friend every evening.

UPDATE!...As of August 10th, 2012 I was able to say goodbye to my day job at Colton High School and focus solely on our jewelry and tool shops! Thank to all of you who have made it possible!!!

Update of January 2014 we moved to Sisters Oregon. John retired and is now helping me with Forgeron full time!!!! Yippee!

Check out my first attempt at a BLOG:
John & Char Ouellette
John Is a building contractor and Char is a high school librarian/metal smith. Together they are Forgeron, a place where his love of tools and her working knowledge of metal smithing meet!

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