FortheLoveofWoodLLC's Shop Announcement

Looking for a unique wood gift? How about a Wood Shaving Brush or a hand turned Antler Pen? We specialize in hand turning custom wood products as well as Deer Antler.

We take great pride in turning a piece of wood and discovering the unique characteristics that are revealed. We personally select, prepare and hand turn each piece of wood on a lathe, meticulously shaping and polishing it into a treasure made just for you. We also hand turn acrylics and deer antlers and incorporate that medium into some of our products.

Our products include pens, shaving brushes, shaving sets, stylus,cigar punches, barrel scoopers, make-up brushes, perfume pens, mechanical pencils, whistles, bottlestoppers and lots more of those "odds and ends".

Great care is taken in the assembly of each and every pen or product we make.

We securely pack each product and send it via USPS. We always try to use priority mail depending on where the product is sent and try to keep shipping costs down.

We do attend Art Fairs in Northeast and Central Pennsylvania. We welcome questions and accept custom orders. If you have a question, please email us.

Our pens are unique, handmade and no two are exactly the same. Prices range from $20 to $90 - we have twist pens, clicker pens and post & cap pens - ballpoint, gel and rollerball - all pens take over the counter refills, mostly Parker and a few Cross - some of the higher end roller balls are sold with the Schmidt Ceramic Rollerball. We have about 60 pens available at any given time - if you see a pen and like the appearance, but not necessarily the turning, send me an email and I can forward pictures of other turnings. Same applies to make-up brushes, stylus, cigar punches, barrel scoopers, bottlestoppers, etc. We attend Juried Art Shows, so we always have different turnings available in a particular pen assembly. A pen is a gift that will keep on giving. Everytime that person uses that pen, they will think of you! I didn't realize how a signature pen can make you feel - your own personal pen that "says" who you are, not to mention the "wow" factor or even the comfort factor .. especially a wood "turning". Somehow it's your own personal "worry stone", the texture of the wood just adds to the personality of the pen and is sure to be admired by others - kind of your status symbol. Our deer antler and acrylic pens make for a nice topic of conversation as well and are each unique in their own way.

We hope you will visit our site often and also hope to win you over as a customer. We have great gifts for those hard to buy for family and friends.

Every product is labeled with the type of wood or metal finish. Pens are accompanied also with instructions on how to refill. We take great pride in everything we "turn".

Also remember, wood is a product of nature so you would treat it as any other wood product, a little wax here and there....Mother Nature at it's finest!

All items are packaged for gift giving.

Thank you for visiting our site!