FoundTreasures77's Shop Announcement

This is the home of FoundTreasures77 - a gathering of items and friends. We are home to Found Vintage (unique vintage items), ShearDelights (handmade jewelry), BeastKeeper Crafts (wood and tatting), All Creatures (wood and other crafts) and Found Treasures (jewelry made from found items). You can find anything here that we find unique or exciting.

Found Vintage: I love going to auctions. This section of the shop contains interesting items I have found in my travels. I specialize in vintage jewelry, but you might find anything listed here as I have a wide range of interests. You never know what will catch my eye!

Found Treasures: I like to find "treasures" and put them together to create something new. This section contains items I have found and married to create a new interesting item. It can range from the silly (earring backs and dollhouse pieces) to the sublime (vintage rhinestone with pearls).

ShearDelights: This is my upscale jewelry line of items I create with beads and jewels. I like to create exciting dynamic pieces of bold colors or interesting features. I especially like blues, reds and pearls - so you will see a lot of those. The name is a play off my last name.

BeastKeeper Custom Crafts: This is the section of the shop for a friend of mine. He is enjoying his retirement by golfing and crafting. He makes unique pieces out of a wide variety of found wood. He also has recently learned the art of tatting and has made some beautiful pieces. The business is named after a pet cat - "Beast."

All Creatures: This section features homemade items from the "All Creatures Great and Small" crafter friend of mine. She specializes in wood, but is willing to try anything. She got her start in crafting early and got her name from her dad after creating a whole menagerie of clothespin animals.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.