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General Contractor by day.....woodworking enthusiast by night!! In our house we recycle everything we possibly can and can't find it within ourselves to discard anything that may have some potential future use. As a general contractor this leads to evenings and weekends spent ripping apart old vanities, bookcases, and anything else I may remove from a job site. Not to mention nail pulling, paint stripping, sanding, and sorting through piles of leftover "scrap wood."

I will not make the claim that anything in my store is built from 100% reclaimed wood. I also can't make the argument that anything is built solely out of product straight from the lumberyard's shelf. My intent when I set up this store was to take the things laying around the wood shop and build items that are both useful and attractive. Items that provide for both form as well as function.....thus....turning "scrap wood" back into... productive wood or possibly better stated...handmade works of Art. In most cases I will do my best to identify where the materials an item is constructed from originated. In some cases, I really don't have a clue other than I found it....or it simply seemed to appear one day.

I hope that you enjoy looking through the items in my shop. You will most likely notice the wide variety of handmade and somewhat unique products that I have to offer. These range from wine racks to bookshelves with some interesting twists and turns in between. Thank you for checking out my store. Enjoy and take care.