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från krämer® (Swedish for "from creams") The best products are those in their purest, most natural form and that's why we NEVER use fillers, chemicals, bleaches, dyes, deodorizers, preservatives or artificial ingredients. Nature's Best - Pure & Simple™

🚫NO EMULSIFIERS – Emulsifiers are alcohol-based additives that help bind together and stabilize oils and non-oils. Even emulsifiers labeled as “vegetable based” including emulsifying waxes are not considered “natural”. Due to its alcohol content, emulsifiers can also contribute to the sting that is felt when applying products to the skin.

🚫NO SOLUBILIZERS – Solubilizers are chemical additives that help oils dissolve in water commonly seen on labels as Polysorbate 20 and Polysorbate 80.

🚫NO PRESERVATIVES – Preservatives are chemical additives that help increase the shelf-life of products. Commonly seen on labels as methylparaben, propylparaben and butylparaben, collectively referred to as Parabens.

🚫NO BLEACHES – Bleach is an additive that removes the natural color of a product.

🚫NO DEODORIZERS – Deodorizers are additives that remove the natural fragrance of a product.

🚫NO REFINED PRODUCTS – Refined products are products that have undergone a process through which the natural colors, fragrances and/or properties have been removed.

🚫NO ARTIFICIAL DYES & FRAGRANCES – Artificial dyes and fragrances are additives that artificially change the color and scent of a product.

🚫NO FILLERS – Lower cost ingredients used to dilute products.

🚫NO JUNK - You'll never find us putting glitters, shimmers, pearls, beads, sparkles, sprinkles, trinkets, doodads or any other gimmickry in our products.

Please Note: We are unable to respond to requests for free samples of our products.


Från Krämer is a wonderful brand. This is my go-to!

-Beverly Maloney-Fischback
Founder, Organic Spa Magazine

What We're Sweet On: Pure and Simple Shea Butter. Från Krämer natural shea butter has managed to make us very, very happy. It's extremely hydrating, superlatively gentle, reasonably priced, and portable, too.

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från krämer Shea Butter is great for those dry, stinging, red knobbly bits on the backs of your hands. Try the natural and the lavender, and keep your eyes peeled for the soothing vanilla.

Top 10 Beauty Blog

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