One of my favorite things about making jewelry is that my workspace travels with me wherever I go.
Making jewelry holders allows me to play with tools that are not exactly typical of craft time!
A hanging craft organizer is a must-have when you have more craft supplies than you have room space!
my workspace is FILLED with photos of loved ones, my two yellow labs, pictures I take on the boat, and butterflies.

Create to Relax

I started this shop to surround myself with kindred spirits in the etsy community. I have always loved being a patron in many of the stores that exist, and became fueled and encouraged by all of the creative people out there! Now that I find myself in graduate school full time, I am trying to make a little extra money to pay the tuition bills, while doing something I love. I love to create things, and do so during my down time, because that is what makes me happiest. I love to shop at antique malls and thrift/consignment stores, which is why I only have one of each item. I usually make things out of rare materials that I do not have a huge supply of, so they truly are one-of-a-kind. I love to create new things out of nothing and am always coming up with something different. Whether it is just a fun way to share life's joys with other crafters, or a good way to pay the bills, this shop is for you to enjoy. Thank you for visiting, and come again soon!
owner, designer
I am graduate student working towards a Masters in Speech/Language Pathology. This shop helps pay tuition bills and support my occasional craft store splurges. Designing and creating keep me calm, happy, and stress-free!