FreedomsSignature's Shop Announcement

Welcome to Freedom's Signature Collections! We cater specifically to our heros of all branches...Army, Navy, USAF, Coast Guard, Marines, National Guard...and their families and loved ones. We, too, are a military family (retired!) so we speak the same language and understand the life.

I know many of you will be excited to hear we will be expanding our jewelry line to be more balanced with the branches. Sorry, we are an Army family so that tends to be where my eye falls, but I PROMISE not to favor that branch so much this year (LOL) as I know we are all IN THIS TOGETHER!!

We also will be cleaning up our 'Sections' within the shop to make it easier for you to find items specific to your branch. We're still figuring out how to separate items (i.e., a piece of jewelry related to we put that in 'Jewelry' or 'Army'? We can only place in one you see our dilemma). We would LOVE to hear from you, the shopper, with any ideas. Maybe just do away with sections all together? We are here for you so let us know your thoughts through a convo!! Thanks, in advance!

Looking for some adornments...a little body candy that's more 'civilian'? Check out our other galleries here at Etsy! (our first shop & what caused our Etsy bug!!!) (mostly vintage items for celebrities, rock stars, and wannabees ONLY!) (Photographic collections for those with epic tastes)

Before you leave please be sure to check out some of the favorites we have listed from fellow talented Etsians. If you haven't found what you're looking for here at Freedom's Signature Collections, we hope our fellow Etsians can help you! Simply click on 'Favorites'....there's a lot more talent to be found within our creative community!

Thank you for visiting! Now, drive on, and have a great military day!

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.