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Family tree charts, stationery, printable cards, art, gift ideas and eclectic vintage collection.

Family tree chart genealogy posters are often purchased for birthday gifts, Christmas, Mothers/Fathers Day, new baby, bridal shower, wedding, family reunion, housewarming, anniversary and friendship on any occasion. My illustrated design is a fun, nature-loving, art-appreciating style. More at

►Entrance to my Shop Here► FreshRetroGallery is located in the Central Midwest USA. The Solomon River and Smoky Hill River join in this beautiful Kansas agricultural valley. Our birth heritage is Appleton, Minnesota and Milbank, South Dakota. Our European ancestors are from Norway and Germany.

Home is our workspace. At a vintage porcelain kitchen sink Stan cleans antiques and retro pieces to bring back their fresh sparkle. I create upon an old drafting table in my drawing room. An antique oak courthouse desk and chair is where my iMac and I make FreshRetro available worldwide.

Two adjectives in our name FreshRetroGallery set us apart from others and tie together what’s available here. Original paintings, ceramics, toy motorcycles, friendship bracelets, upcycled pieces, printable art for cards plus other uses, stationery, postcards and family tree charts are “fresh”, new and uniquely handmade. The “retro” vintage line of home decor, useful housewares and crafting supplies are blasts from the past. Together they make our “gallery” an interesting place to browse and shop. Please visit

The natural, aged parchment look of very old important documents which are worth saving forever inspired the paper choice to complete the design of my 19 x 13" family tree charts.

This fine paper is also available in 20-pack stationery sets of 8.5 x 11" sheets and matching A2 envelopes—convenient to use with my instant download printable card designs—so you always have a card on hand you can print from your computer!

Upcycled wine bottle metal art for home decor and event centerpieces

Limited edition series of Christian postcards, sold in 20-packs.

Stan looks for useful, unusual, obsolete and potentially forgotten items for striking conversation pieces. The metal art in our shop is made from vintage materials he found. He “picks” for “the look” and for green-thinkers who reuse to responsibly preserve our environment. Antiques, retro items and collectibles bring history and character to boring spaces and help younger generations learn of a past lifestyle that contrasts today’s throw-away society.

When you make a purchase, you are a blessing to us and deserve the highest degree of attention we can give. We do our very best to send all orders immediately. Testimonials of our customers’ delight can be found at:
Elizabeth Knaus
owner, designer
Love Jesus, family, nature, hikes, swims, art, museums, galleries, theaters, concerts. I utilize and decorate with “found objects”.
Stanley Knaus
Chief Picker, Vintage Detailer

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