Fromateachersheart's Shop Announcement

PLEASE NOTE:Stay tuned, we are changing everything over to instant download. It may take a week or so, but we are trying. Thank you for shopping.

IMPORTANT: I know we live in an age where people "share" music, "share" video, or "share" graphics. It's wrong. The legal name for it is pirating, and it's illegal. "Scraplifting" a poem, without consent, IS stealing. I often do freebie poems in my "real life", but coming to my store, with the express intent to STEAL a poem is wrong. It is shoplifting at it's very worst. And doing it with the intent to sell, is even worse. If you wouldn't go into a store to shoplift, please do not do it to me, or the other wonderful crafters on etsy that pour their hearts and souls into their wares. I know you would never steal intentionally, and sometimes, you just need to know. Don't feel bad, I did it myself when I was first introduced to graphics, then I had to write to the store, and explain what I did. It took me months, but I bought the graphics that I had been "given" so that I owned them legally. It was embarrassing, but I felt so much better when I finished. Know, that this is being said in love. Love for my buyers, love for my fellow artists, and love for what I do. Thank you for your consideration.

NEW TERMS:ATTENTION SALES: NEW TERMS! If you buy graphics (only those by Cheryl Seslar, all other graphics or downloadables are for personal use only unless otherwise stated in the product description) or poems, you may use them to make brand new things for your Etsy store or your own website. What does this mean to you? You can buy the graphics (only those by Cheryl Seslar) and/or poems and use them to make brand new products.

YOU MUST: give a nod in the product shot to Cheryl post that Copyright remains with the artists and writer (me) My name must go with each poem that you use, and be mentioned in the product shot. Tell me the name of your store in the notes when you order. (I love to see what other people make)

You May NOT: claim the work as your own, print my poem without my name. sell JUST the graphics or just poems, or add just graphics or poems to any download or cd. YOu must make a NEW printable product with them or one to mail. The only download you may not make with these are collage sheets. YOu may not use these on print on demand sites such as zazzle or cafe press.

Finally! The poems and saying you need for your scrapbooking, digital collage sheets, crafting, cardmaking, jewelry making. Come in, bring a cup of coffee and find something for every occasion. Check back daily, as I will be adding new things. If there is an occasion that you are not finding, please convo me. I love hearing from you!