FromtheHeartProducts' Shop Announcement

~~~NO COUPON NEEDED!!! I am clearing the inventory and plan to focus on other forms of creations borrowed from my Ancestors and helped by my Spirit Guide! ~~~

New Age and Native American Inspired Smudge Fans, Flax Bows, Medicine Wheel Shadow Boxes, Feather Quill Pens, Talking Sticks and Medicine Wheel Readings, etc. All materials are Cruelty Free! Plus Gemstone bracelets, Necklaces, Pendulums, and more! All from my heart to yours !

Each and every thing I make, comes out of a connection I make during a Medicine Wheel mediation. This connection helps guide the choices in what goes into the items and how they represent the person it is made for. I believe that each item is created for a specific person and my job is just to wait for them to find one another. I love making these items that honor my Spirit, my love of beauty and my Ancestors, especially my Grandmother!
Look careful, do you see the item that was made just for you?
I don't think of myself as an Artist, I am a creator. My muse, Spirit, guides me during Medicine Wheel Meditation and Visioning. I create in many different genres, beaded jewelry, clothing creation, multi-media shadow boxes, and Native American Inspired Smudge fans, Medicine bags, Flax Harmony Bows and Door Blessings created in the Cherokee tradition. I am not a register Tribe member due to an incident when the government surveyed for the DAWES Roll but the blood that flows through my veins is close to 1/2 Cherokee and my relationship to Father Sky and Mother Earth is centered in Cherokee Spirituality and the Medicine Wheel. No one can take my Cherokee Heritage from me. My Native American name is Daninogisgv a-ma (Tsalgi for Singing Waters) and my given name Renee' is Que-ne in Cherokee/Talagi.

After years of making great OOAK (one of a kind) gifts to give to friends and family, my friends suggested I start selling my creations. I was not sure if I could do it until one Thanksgiving, The Universe stepped in and it just happened.

“From the Heart Products”
The name, came out of a suggestion from a dear friend while sitting at our Thanksgiving Table, as we basked in the after-glow of our traditional “Chosen Family “ Holiday meal.
“We all think you should sell these things instead of just giving them away as gifts. If you don’t, I’m going to make a web site and sell them myself! I mean, my gosh, Renee, they aren’t like other stuff you can buy. They are from your heart!
I knew then and there that my Spirit Guide, Wabun was giving me a name for my company and telling me to, “Just Do It! All you have to do is trust and know.”
And so it is!
Thank you Lauran!

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