FrouFrouByHeatherSue's Shop Announcement

I no longer sell on etsy. Please do not purchase my designs anywhere other than my froufroubyheathersue website, which I am not allowed to link to. But, you can assume the web address is my shop name. Thank you!


If you would like one of my designs sewn onto a custom dress, top, or pants, please sent a convo to PrincessHeirlooms.
If you don't see the style you are looking for, just ask if it's something she could make for you. I happen to know she is an awesome seamstress (and an awesome sister)!

I am not accepting any new requests right now as I want to spend more time with my family. I'll update this page when I want to start doing custom designs and special requests again. Thank you for understanding.


Q: I purchased an item, but haven't received it yet.
A: I e-mail all of my designs within 24 hours of purchase. I do not ship them to you, or make them available for download. If it has been 24 hours since your purchase, please make sure you check your junk e-mail folder. Do this in both your paypal and your etsy accounts, if you use 2 separate e-mail addresses. If you still haven't found the designs, add my e-mail address, kiteheather [!at], to your safe senders list and then contact me asking me to send them again. I have never once forgotten to send out an order (and I've had over 5000 orders). But, sometimes the e-mails are blocked by your server due to the attachments. I have no way of knowing this unless you let me know (and please be nice when you do).

Q: Do you do custom orders? Can you digitize this for me?
A: I am not taking any custom orders. That is, no designs that cannot be sold again. I am also taking very few requests at this time. However, feel free to ask if you have an idea for a design for me. If I have the time on that day, I may be able to help you out. In the past, I got bogged down with up to 10 requests a day and it got very stressful. So, I very rarely accept requests now.

Q: I opened the designs you sent, but my sewing machine/program/etc... won't read them.
A: Make sure you are viewing the correct format for your machine (PES, HUS, JEF, etc...). If the design still won't work, it is most likely a problem with the program you are using to get the design onto your machine. Various programs will do this on occasion, seemingly at random. Sometimes renaming the file will help (the file itself, not the zip file) trick your program into reading it. Just right click on the design file and choose "rename" and give it a new name. AFTER you do this and the file still won't work on your machine, please contact me. I may be able to help you further.

Q: How do I get the color behind the lines, like I see on your stitched out designs?
A: The majority of my designs are appliques. This means that fabric is used to provide the majority of the color. There are several great tutorials online that will help you learn how to machine applique. Here is a video tutorial that is very useful:
Here is another that is very helpful:

Q: What are all of the extra stitches and color changes at the beginning of the designs?
A: Most of my designs start with several steps in varying shades of blue or orange. These are the placement and tack down stitches. The placement stitch will be first. This is a straight stitch that shows you where to lay your fabric. Next will come a loose zig-zag stitch that shows you where to trim the fabric. Try to cut as close to these lines as you can without cutting the threads. You do not have to actually change the thread color for the placement and tackdown stitches. This is just so your machine knows to stop so you can complete the necessary steps. After all of the pieces are in place, the machine will begin the different colors of satin stitching and details.

This isn't a question, but please make sure that you are kind when you contact me. I am a person and I do my best to make my customers happy. There is no need to be snotty. For the most part, I have wonderful and friendly customers. Thank you so much!