FulBelSic's Shop Announcement

FULANA BELTRANA SICRANA - one-of-a-kind fabric dolls and accessories, designed and handmade in Portugal by me, Benedetta Maxia.

I design, cut and sew all my dolls, therefore each doll is unique and with her/his own special personality and they are all mostly made from a combination of carefully selected upcycled vintage fabrics that I'm collecting over the years.

They are a unique and cool decoration but they also love to play!
Most of them do not have dangerous materials but, as a toy, I would recommend from 3 years old under adult supervision!

The name of my brand is the feminine version of the Portuguese expression “Fulano, Beltrano e Sicrano" and its equivalent in other languages woud be "Tizia, Caia e Sempronia", "Jane, Jill and Mary", "Pierrette, Paulette et Jacqueline", "Fulana, Zultana y Mengana", "Jasia, Julka i Marysia", "Λόλα, Φαίη και Μιμή (Lola, Fay and Mimi)"…

Unlike the common use of the expression, the dolls are easily recognizable – Fulanas and Fulanos have dark hair, Beltranas and Beltranos have red hair and Sicranas and Sicranos have brown hair!

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