FunkyAardvarkShop's Shop Announcement

We are launching the Funky Aardvark Project.

Our mission is to allow artists, crafts people and designers access to the physical retail world through a high street premises. Spaces can be rented with a sliding scale of commission with a maximum of 30%. This means that it is only the same as selling your items at trade to a dealer and is also considerably lower than most galleries and craft centres. The small cost for rental of the space is to allow you the flexibility of choosing your own products and display style. You can change your products as often as you like and they do not all have to be from a ‘range’. You do not have to produce wholesale quantities of your product as you can combine as many or few items as you like in your section. The amount of space will depend upon your product and how many you would like to display at any one time. For instance if you make tables you will need more space than someone who makes rings!

Groups are welcome to book spaces together if each person only has a couple of items. Group rates are negotiable depending on number of people, product and quantity. If you are a large group and want to take a large space this can also be combined with guaranteed exhibition slots throughout the year for collaborative use.

The premises is in the centre of Chester, England and we welcome submissions from artists and crafts people from all over the world.

More details can be found on our website at

Happy Making
Bex Raven