FusedGlassbyDana's Shop Announcement

My designs are colorful expressions of things that make us happy. Sometimes I work in a deliberate way creating clean, modern pieces and other times I work in a faster, more abstract & free-formed way. In any case, I strive for the end result to simply feel good, be elegant & thoughtful. I put my heart into my artwork & hope you have the time to appreciate the items in my shop.

Please select a handcrafted work of art & give the gift of LIGHT today! If you truly support LOCAL artists and wish to contribute to the LOCAL economy & invest in items that are Made in America (San Francisco, Ca.) my handcrafted glass nightlights & jewelry are special, affordable & make great gifts for anyone who appreciates a miniature work of art.

The subdued lighting of the nightlights create a relaxed vibe & warm ambiance when plugged in at night. Admirers of my work have placed them in their beautiful homes everywhere… kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways, poolrooms, wet bars, even closets!

Because of the delicate scale all my original jewelry designs are the result of 12 years of experience in handcraftsmanship. High quality .925 sterling silver components are paired with the glass dangles. Sterling is a precious metal & is neutral in color which makes it an ideal complement to the colors of the glass. Sterling does not contain nickel which is great for women who are sensitive to lower quality/plated metals.

I have been supporting myself since 2004 as a member of the San Francisco Street Artist Program when I dove into my glass full time. I handcraft every design detail on every nightlight & each piece of jewelry & all larger works from scratch to completion. I spend most waking moments doing something for my business and I appreciate your support on every level.

On a more detailed note you will soon enjoy seeing the fine art of enameling. The fruits of this art form are rare because of the challenging process which requires ultra attention to detail, access to lots of heat (1500 degrees or so in a kiln) and plenty of time invested to get "good at it". I absolutely adore the combination of glass and 99.9% fine silver & enameling has become my true love.

Feel free to contact me here via Etsy convo or 415-215-7422. Thanks for visiting... enjoy!

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.