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The cold-process method still needs a little heat to melt all the solid fats in the reaction. The reaction between the alkali and water is exothermic. Once both cool down a little they can be mixed together. The soap hardens for 3 days and then cures for 4 weeks on bakers racks. Then the soap is ready to be cut and used.

(known as: glycerin soap)
Transparent soap is soap that goes through a hot-process in which alcohol and sugar are added to make the soap transparent.

Why use our soap?
It's handmade.

WE control the ingredients that are put into our products.

Only the highest quality of vegetable oils, pure essential oils and quality fragrance oils, vitamins and minerals, botanicals, and butters are used.

Most of our products are vegan friendly.

We never test on animals.

The base of our cold-process soap is olive oil which is used to moisturize and helps maintain the elasticity of skin.

The bubbly, creamy lather of our gives you a feeling of intense moisturizing and cleanses without stripping away your skin’s natural oils, leaving your skin soft and silky.

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WEDDINGS/PARTIES/HOTELS/BED AND BREAKFAST: We are able to make custom stamped soap and custom labeling for weddings, parties, or hotels/bed and breakfast and we'll be adding pics soon. For example you and your spouse's initials with a heart or a company logo.

WHOLESALE/CONSIGNMENT: We are always looking for new opportunities. Please send us a message.

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We can make scent or pigment free products if you have allergies. Please leave us comments or questions.

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