GEEKitty is taking a short break.

************GEEKS NEED REST, TOO! ************
GEEKitty Gear is going on temporary hiatus. Why? Because we love you so much! No, really, it's true! Lately I've found myself with less free time, and less free time means less time to sew with the care and detail YOU deserve. Your geeky cats deserve the very best, and once I'm rested up, GEEKitty will reopen. Thank you!

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GEEKitty's Shop Announcement

Geeks and cats, cats and geeks. The two have been drawn together from the beginning of recorded history. But sometimes, naming your kitty Arwen just isn't enough. Or maybe your cat sees you playing your XBox 360 all night; maybe she feels a little left out?

Enter GEEKitty - specializing in outfitting your feline companion with geek gear, but in a feline-friendly way. GEEKitty wants your cat to join in the fun of your geek lifestyle without getting cat hair all stuck in your controllers. Don't make your cat feel guilty for jumping on your d20, get him his own to play with.

GEEKitty toys are made from felt, with no metal or plastic parts. Every detail is hand-sewn, and we don't take new photos of each toy, therefore your toy may not be identical to the one pictured. Every toy is loaded with tempting catnip - our catnip is significantly fresher than the 'nip in mass-produced cat toys, and your cat can tell the difference.

GEEKitty would be happy to work with a potential customer to design toys of a geeky nature: I am willing to create almost any variety of video-game controller or dice, and if there are any "props" you'd like for your cat to have, I'd love to hear your ideas and perhaps work with you in designing a custom piece.

GEEKitty would be ecstatic to see photographic evidence of your cat enjoying their gear! Pictures are always welcome.