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Gegede is a Mother/Daughter endeavor. The seed was planted some twenty years ago when I (Toni) asked my Mom ( Barbara) to start adding some leather to her crochet bags and fashions. I taught my mom to crochete some fourty five years ago when I learned it in Home Economics. My Mother and Father(Eddie Willis) were both ahead of their time when it came to fashion and how they dressed. Anyway, when I asked Mom to add the new materials to her crochet she was not at all interested. Fast forward to 2005 I retired from a long and rewarding carreer as a General Manager from the Penna. Wine and Spirits Shoppe and was faced with the question of what was I goinging to do now that I was blessed with the time to do something that was all my own and not go back to work for someone else? I again talked to Mom about adding to her creations, difference being this time I was able to look into what it would take and what kinds of materials we would specialize in. While searching for the skins to make the handbags I thought to myself how great these would look if a pair of sandals or a simple yet stylish pair of filp flops were made from them. I took apart a pair of my sandals to see how they were made and made my first pair in 2007.We decided that we wanted our items to be unique and highend so we use exotic snakeskins, ostrich, stingray, fine leathers and anything that is different and exciting for our handbags and sandals. Our talents are God given!
Toni Willis-Thompson
owner, designer, maker, curator, Photographer,Shipping
I am self taught and have been making sandals and handbags since 2007. I love anything eyecatching and different. My birthday is 9/06/1960 and I have been married to my loving husband Michael for 22 years. I workout and love buying beauty products.
Barbara Willis- Bradford
designer, maker

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