GaborBartal's Shop Announcement

My shop specializes on CUSTOM pencil drawings (unique, made to order commission)(graphite/color).
Subjects: portrait, wedding, family, pet (dog, cat etc), car, still life, house, logo, etc.

More about me and my artwork:
I'm an artist from Hungary, Europe, specializing in photorealism.
Born in 1987, had various jobs in different countries. Right now, art is still not my fulltime job as demand drives everything.
I spend about 15-25 hours on a single drawing (or more for big sizes).
You can find my existing artwork for sale, displayed in my shop.
I list two types of items:
1) Originals: They are the actual drawings
2) Prints: They are copies of my existing drawings, made by a professional studio, on acid-free good quality matte art paper. The end result is what you would buy in any shop for your wall, except it's not mass-made (you would support an actual traditional artist).
There is an option to have the print on canvas, but its cost did not prove popular. However, if you are interested:

Feel free to message me; also about anything else or even to just talk!

Also check out my Facebook page and like it if you like what you see :)

Thanks a lot!