GarageWoodShop's Shop Announcement

Welcome to the Garage Wood Shop. I offer a variety of wood products including spoons, spatulas, cutting boards, baby rattles, and toys.

For information about Janka hardness ratings go here:

Cleaning: Do NOT put your wood utensils in the dishwasher, you will kill them. Hand wash your wood utensils in water or water and a small amount of dish washing detergent. It's okay to soak wood spoons when needed but don't let them go longer then about half an hour. Use the green scrubby side of a kitchen sponge to clean stuck on food.

Conditioning: Use mineral oil or a mineral oil/bees wax combo every month or so on all your wood utensils and cutting boards.
I do NOT use vegetable or nut based oils, over time your utensils will develop a nasty smell if you use these oils:
I use Howard Butcher Block Conditioner on my wood utensils, it's available here:

Pricing: You may see two or more items that look the same but are different prices. This is either due to the cost of the wood (which varies greatly) or the hardness of the wood (harder wood takes longer to complete). If you have questions about pricing please feel free to ask.