GarrettArtDesign's Shop Announcement

Howdy folks! Here at Garrett Art Design I am so proud to be able to create some inspirational posters, while I also am going to be adding some wonderful photographs to choose from. I used to have my sewing as well, but had to put that on hold for the time being due to a situation beyond my control.

I am struggling with Esophageal and Stage 4 Cancer, plus other health issues, but not letting any of them stop me! As I fight this Cancer, I am and have been creating Crocheted Mufflers, Blankets, and Shawls for other folks who also suffer with 'life threatening diseases', and as well Children who also have 'life threatening diseases', and as well, who are victims of abuse of one kind or another and are trying to cope, as well as get their lives back in order. I used to buy my yarns at shops like JoAnn Fabrics, WalMart, and Hancock Fabrics, but it gets expensive and am now open to donations of gift cards that are purchased at the above mentioned stores so that I can continue with what I do and also love, while also giving those other folks and children a lift' when I give them something I crocheted!

Why am I asking for donations now, you may ask?! Well, I am currently on SSI and the government does not allow anyone to earn any extra money or it gets deducted from their monthly pay, so I can not ask for any money, while if I make any sales, the money comes out of my SSI, which sucks BIG TIME! I will continue with my crocheted projects while name tags that I created will include a way of contact and also asking for any donations to help me continue doing this for other folks and children.

I will always enjoy what I do and thank you for checking my shop out <^..^>