GeahkBurchill's Shop Announcement

I've been getting this question often recently because it seems like I've just dropped off the face of the map. I have been directing a play, making a movie and writing a book.

About a year ago I took on a major original work of Lovecraftian fiction presented in marionette play form. Nothing could have prepared me for how this show has taken over my life, nor did I realize it would take so long.

However, I get frequent questions about when I might bring my Etsy store back and begin making masks and puppets again. I'll tell you, the yearning to craft again has been tugging at me and I have ideas for many new items to add to my shop.

I hate disappointing people though. Whenever i take on a mask or prop to build I have had to place it on the back-burner and other, more pressing matters have absorbed my attention. Consequently lots of items have been delivered late and that doesn't make me feel good.

I have promised myself i would not reopen my store until I had the time to dedicate to the work and I could get it out in a timely manner. That will happen soon. The itch to make is always there and requests do influence me to want to come back.

For now I will just have to say "Soon" and, "Thank you for your understanding."

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