For Your All Your Nerdy Needs

We met in a comic book shop. No, seriously.

Once upon a time there was a dame named Redd. She decided to start cross stitching. One thing led to another and she found herself obsessed with making nerdy items. Soon she dragged her husband Pauly into it and the rest is history. We love all things nerdy and geeky and quirky and awesome and we know that you do too!
We live in Toronto, Ontario with our son who's middle name is actually Danger. We also have a plethora of animals including a guinea pig named Maurice and a rat named Mycroft.
We strive to make all kinds of awesome and nerdy things and if you have an idea that you want made into reality, just send us a convo.
I'm Redd and I run Geekopolis with my hubby, Pauly. I've been making things for 20+ years and it runs in the family.
I like nerdy and cute things, I've hugged a llama and one day I'd like to go to England.

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