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Natural, unenhanced, fine gemstones from around the world.
NEW: SPICE ISLANDS CABOCHONS :) Check out the Indonesian Cabochon folder. New cabs from this adventure will be listed daily!

Summer 2015 found me exploring the far eastern spice islands of Indonesia. Everywhere I went the aromatic smell of cloves and nutmeg was with me as it was harvest time. Woven mats with cloves and nutmegs drying were on every street and avenue. My six week journey through these islands, the islands of North Maluku province, the actual, original spice islands that wars were fought over in days of old, was spent getting to know the people and seeking out the unique gems of the region.

Exploring an island based province is interesting. The journey included air travel, bicycling, hiking on foot and riding in dugout canoes to some of the most remote islands and atolls of Indonesia. The fine people of Capulu and Waiu Villages (over three hundred years old) on Mangole Island told me they had never before seen a foreigner in their village.

Searching on land and below the sea I was fortunate to experience pristine coral atolls loaded with beautiful seashells set in the warm equatorial turquoise colored sea. Without exception the people of every island I visited - even though lacking in any tourist infrastructure - welcomed me with warm, open hearts. Countless times I was greeted with smiling faces and welcomed into homes for coffee, delicious meals and even to spend the night. And all without my speaking more than a very few words of the Indonesian language :)

This was an adventure beyond compare, one that is now a permanent part of my life. I am so grateful I had the good sense to venture out - way out - of my comfort zone. All along the way I kept my eyes peeled on the jewelry I saw, asking many, many people what the gems were and where they came from. With the information they shared I was able to purchase many cabochons from several islands to bring back and share with our artisan jewelry customers. So spend a few moments looking through these beauties in the NEW Indonesian Cabochon folder. You'll find chalcedony's, chrysoprase and fossilized coral cabs perfect for your equally inspiring designs.And return again and again as new cabs from my treasure stash will be added daily until I've listed them all.

As a Gemologist (GIA) for well over a decade, my passion has been to find and source natural, completely unenhanced fine gemstones ...

Explore natural & unenhanced, fine gemstones from around the world...many direct from the mine.

In addition to possessing great beauty, gemstones and minerals are thought by many people to have various healing properties. In addition to selecting natural and unenhanced gemstones, I have selected gemstones that are thought to promote health, peace and harmony.

Smiles are important to our vitality, each gemstone is selected to bring smiles to the face of the wearer and all those who look upon them. Come take a look at an exqusite, ever changing, collection of nature's treasures!

Peace and blessings to you and your loved ones. May you journey in good health, happiness and contentment.

(aka Joseph)


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