GenevaMillionCeramic's Shop Announcement

This is a series of work dealing with the Arab Spring in Egypt. All of these pieces compare the current and ongoing conflicts with the ancient political and social precedents that occurred thousands of years ago in ancient times. The layering of the decoration is meant to reflect the layering of history and how although time has changed the events remain the same.

To create these layered effects I fire these pieces at least 4 times: the first layer starts with an inlay of slip into the pot and underglazes on the surface. Custom made glazes are applied in the second layer, custom laser printed decals are applied in the third layer and the final layer involves the strategic application of a gold luster glaze.

Many of the pieces in this series are what I call a "living hieroglyphs" meaning that the shape of the vessel is in itself a letter or word in Ancient Egyptian. This word works in conjunction with the phrases written on the vessel in hieroglyphs. All together these pots are attempting to discuss this everyday news topic in a historical context.

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