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STOCKING UP MY STORE FOR THE HOLIDAYS!! Grab a snack, kick back and stay awhile. There are a lot of goodies to look at!

I have to say...I have some of the best customers EVER! I have been very ill and my customers are super patient and understanding. You all ROCK! THANK YOU <3


Beautiful handmade Custom jewelry for your beautiful
child. All Holiday, Any Occasion, or just for fun. We have
something for everyone. Please come in and take a look!

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Let me start by saying~ I take great pride in my work and I take my job very seriously. I really love what I do. I try to get orders out within 1 day of payment. But sometimes...LIFE happens. This is the part where I get real.
I AM HUMAN Please don't expect things from me that you wouldn't expect from your local department store. I work A LOT but not 24 hours a day. If you pay for your order at 10 o'clock at night, please don't expect me to ship it the next day. Think of this as being a 9-5 type business. I think that's pretty reasonable. I'm saying this because, without going into detail, I get some demanding requests from people that I just can't fullfill. Like shipping things the same day they pay ~It's Tuesday and they forgot little Susie's birthday party is Friday. They want 4 custom items (meaning made especially for them) "RIGHT AWAY-SEND TODAY". I Just can't do it. I AM HUMAN.
I don't think I'm being unreasonable. Do you?
My shipping leaves my house every morning with my husband
when he goes to work. If you need something fast,
I will get it to you immediately, of course...
But be reasonable..I am human.
I have 3 small children and they are my number one priority. They are the reason why I do what I do. It's extra income for my family so my children 'never have to be without'. Having said that...My children get sick just like everyone else's which means I have to give them extra love and attention, which means work has to wait. If you have paid for your order, and I'm going to be late shipping (more than 2 days) I will always email you to inform you of the status of your items. In this case, I'll usually ship it 2-day priority at my expense. I must sound really BUT ~I had one customer tell me that I need to be more professional and make my husband take care of my children so I can take care of my ebay customers.
Maybe I just needed to vent. Thanks for listening! Remember...I AM HUMAN.


Most of my jewelry is already made
so it can be shipped immediately.
Custom orders ~ Please allow 1-2 days,
depending on size of order, for shipping.