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Just me, two sticks and some string... a computer.... coffee/chocolate... lots of time and love goes into my shop!
Step 1 - Knit hundreds, thousands of uniform stitches....
Step 2 - into the wash!
This adorable kitty makes smiles all around!
Ever woman loves this velvet feel scarf! A special first wash gives the chenille yarn the feel of crushed velvet!

Sharing My Passion

Hello, I'm Emily, owner of Girlpower!
My shop name came naturally from me and my 5 sisters who all knit!
I started my shop as a way to branch out on my hobby, knitting. I wanted to knit for other people, not only myself. : ) I have so many designs whirling in mind, and I can't make them all for myself, so I am here to create and share with others!
My studio is wherever I am, and my inspiration comes from everywhere!

I design most of my items, and love to come up with a unique and special item. And every item is different, because in knitting, no two items can be exactly the same.

About my process:
I am fascinated with how yarn can be turned into amazing and beautiful wearable pieces!
I start simply with yarn, needles and a vision for each piece.

After many hours of work in each piece, I wash the item, then store it in a container to keep out all contamination. Some pieces will have a light scent of natural lavender.

I love natural fibers, like angora, merino, bamboo, and wool, and use them most of the time. Another of my favorites is a wool/acrylic blend that can be washed, perfect for children and toys.

The quality is what what makes the piece! I have to pay more for quality yarn, and this is why my things may cost a little more, because I choose the best fibers.

I believe my quality is reflected in my pieces, so feel free to browse what I have, and don't be shy to ask questions!

Contact me through an Etsy convo, or at girlpowerknits [!at]
owner, maker, designer
I love what I do and do what I love.
I knit, therefore I am.

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