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Hi! I am closing up shop for while to work on new designs. I'll be back open in time for Christmas shopping. See you then!


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GirlsRings' Shop Announcement

Hi! Welcome to Ring Around by Rosie

Handmade Little Girls Rings and Pretty Things.

Handmade girl's rings and jewelry with complimentary gift wrapping for most items. Being a mom of 4 daughters and a grandma of 4 granddaughters has allowed me to keep up with the trends. Watching their individual tastes and personalities develop gives me plenty of ideas to work with. Jewelry defines a big part of us. It tells the world if we are chic, trendy, earthy, classic, sassy, organic, traditional, etc. It devulges our customs, favorites, best colors, passions, and style. We girls need to express ourselves. And the first place I like to start is with my rings!

So, please take a look at the rings and things that I have made for the all the girls in your life. Thank you for coming! Have a great day!

During the holidays, please expect that orders may take a week to 10 days before they are shipped.

Any order placed by December 15th should arrive by Christmas.

Some of my rings are tiny and "delicate". They are well made and will stand regular wear and tear, however, stepping on or banging may damage the ring.

The hand-painted rings made of resin are very sturdy and well made. They are water proof, but it is not recommended that you bathe or swim with them on.

A note about pearls take from :
"Both real pearls and fake pearls can be beautiful, but sometimes it's important to know which type you have. If you are buying pearls, you may be able to identify fake pearls by their name: fake, simulated, faux, glass, plastic, synthetic, resin, artificial, manmade. High quality genuine pearls cost considerably more than glass or plastic pearls. Also, real pearls can last indefinitely if given proper care. Fake pearls are more susceptible to chipping and peeling. "

Copyright by Rosemary Babikan
For more Information about the artist, please see her other website at or contact her with questions.

To find a sizing chart for your's or your little girl's finger, please go to
There you will find directions on sizing. Thank you for visiting and have a lovely day!

For Your Information:

Ring sizes:
If you aren't able to measure for a little girls ring:
Size 2 generally fits a 3 and 4 year old.
Size 3 generally fits a 5 to 7 year old.
Size 4 generally fist 7 and older.

Bracelet sizes:
Newborn – 3 1/4 inches
3-6 months – 3 1/2 inches
6-12 months – 4 inches
1 -2 yrs old – 4 1/2 inches
2-5 yrs old – 5 1/2 inches
6-8 yrs old – 6 inches
9-13 yrs old – 6 1/2 inches
Teen – 7 inches

All of my jewelry is made with lead free metals. The resin I use is also safe from toxins.
Swarowski crystal rhinestones and other crystals and and some glass beads are known to have lead in them, but they are acknowleged to be safe. The following is an article to help you understand.
The lead in rhinestones is unlike lead in metallic form or in paint pigments, it is bound to other substances and not “biologically available”.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.