GlitzCouture's Shop Announcement

11/25 - HAPPY THANKSGIVING! In honor of turkey day I have a 20% off coupon code for BLACK FRIDAY lasting until Saturday! Just enter: BLACKFRIDAY at checkout! 9/14 - School's in session on so I will only be able to ship Saturdays! Thank you for your understanding! ♥☆ Included Tracking on ALL US packages! :D ☆ ♥ Please read my policies thoroughly before placing your order! ♥
6/15 Since the USPS lowered its prices for first class shipping, I'm able to lower my domestic prices as well! YAY!
UNFORTUNATELY International prices have been raised SIGNIFICANTLY again so I've had to change all prices on these as well. :(


8/14/2015 -
Nearly ALL Lion King items will be remade (not couture) as long as supplies last! :D
These are really popular and bring a lot of people joy so instead of having them "one of a kind" they'll be remade as long as I have the supplies to do so. :)
If you'd like your OWN one of a kind version of one of the Lion King pieces though, so let me know and I'll make it happen!

Welcome to GLITZ COUTURE a menagerie of gamer gear, unique wearable art, and vintage treasures!
I'm a Hawaiian artist and jewelry maker, living on Oahu. I create and showcase a variety of mixed media jewelry, merging recycled, vintage, new, and handmade in perfect, luxurious harmony <3
I hope you'll love Glitz Couture's amazing, geeky, fun handmade items and vintage finds!

Although all my jewelry is one of a kind I do occasionally make a similar design with minor changes. :)
(the only exceptions to the OOAK concept are friendship jewelry from time to time and the Sailor Moon pill/trinket boxes and for a limited time the Lion King products)

Please feel free to write me if you want to do a trade. Glitz Couture is a TRADE FRIENDLY store, and I've done many trades! :) <3
Please do note though I am NOT offering sponsorships at this time. Thank you for your understanding! :)

- - - - UPDATE! Return buyers get a 10% discount on their whole order, your coupon code will automatically be sent to you! :D