Glitzandpieces' Shop Announcement

Glitz and Pieces is here to provide some of the wonderful bits of glitz and other pieces we have found in our travels.
Mostly from the Indian Bazaar, other things will crop up from time to time depending on where we have been recently.
POST- As a trip to the post office in India is rather a lengthy event we save the excitement up and post EACH WEDNESDAY ONLY. Cut off time is 9.00am India time for each weeks' post. Typically the post takes around 10 days to Australia, 7 days to Europe/UK and the USA around 3 weeks PLUS! About 6 weeks, we have just discovered, for Russia!

PLEASE NOTE Items are sent in individual envelopes; for larger orders 5 items and over, postage can work out cheaper if I make a small parcel...depends on the weight of the pieces. If I can save on postage fees I always throw in a bit of extra silk to even up the balance. has a little information on some of the things we have in our shop and how they are made.