GniffersGnomes' Shop Announcement

My Facebook fans keep me too busy to keep up with posting Etsy listings, but convo me if you want a custom gnome. Please come check us out to see what the Gnomes in Gnifferland have been up to!

10 things you can do with a gnome of your own:
1. Let a loved one know why you appreciate them: most of my gnomes come with a personalized story written with a specific person in mind.
2. Keep away the monsters: my 3 year old daughter keeps a couple gnomes next to her bed to keep her safe.
3. Travel buddy: every gnome loves to travel: just stick them into a purse or a bag and let them see the world!
4. Office colleague: brighten your grey cubicle with something that makes you smile.
5. Help a friend go through a tough time: sometimes the thing they need most is a reminder to smile.
6. Coordinating gnomes for you and a loved one: my mom, sister and I all have matching gnomes.
7. Propose to a loved one: how cute would it be to have a gnome help you out!?
8. Classroom tool: I've made a few gnomes that encourage wonderful lessons for young children.
9. Car companion: put a gnome on your dashboard and take him along for the ride!
10. Surprise someone with a gift: from a secret admirer, perhaps?

I've made over 100 gnomes for my friends and family. I absolutely LOVE to write stories to match the person I'm giving them to. And the reactions I get when I give someone a gnome with a story just for them... it makes it all worthwhile. I love the smiles and I'd love to share that experience with you. Take a little break and check out the gnomes I've made in the past (and where they live now), but don't forget to let yourself smile!

You may have noticed a price increase from when I first started selling gnomes. Consider my lower prices a case of temporary insanity where I working my butt off trying to give you a good deal. Please do not worry about me. I feel much better now, thanks for asking. My hope for the new prices is two-fold: 1. It will give me more time to focus on the other projects I want to accomplish and 2. It will enable me to have more free gnome contests on my Facebook page. This is very important to me as I feel like I want to be able to give gnomes to those who need them most. I hope you can understand.

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