GnoomArtfulThings' Shop Announcement

Due to family circumstances, it may take a bit longer for me to get things shipped, as I need to divide my time between two homes. This depends on when you place your order and in which house I happen to be. Thanks for your understanding. If you need more info, feel free to contact me through Etsy convo.

Welcome to the wonderful World of Gnoom. Here Artful Things are born, which are much more than your ordinary jewelry, accessories or artworks. Each piece is infused with its own story and mood. Objets d’art that will stay with you for a lifetime, future heirlooms, and trusted companions for the here and now. All lovingly produced in the Gnoom Forest, where everything is given a dose of Gnoom Magick.

Feel free to roam about to your hearts content, and you might find that little something which was made just for you.

Many of the items you will see here, are one of a kind items. Custom work upon request.

Find my fan page on Facebook: search for Gnoom Artful Things.

The name: Gnoom is derived from ancient Dutch. It means earth spirit or mountain spirit. It has been my nickname since I was about twelve years old. A few years ago I found that the name Gnoom really fits in with how I view life, and I started to use the name more and more. Being a Gnoom is now a part of my identity.

The artful things: I have been telling stories all my life. Many years spend telling them through words, and now for some years through the jewelry and the artwork I make. No matter which materials I use, I always need to tell a story, or at least pass on an emotion.