GoddessNaturals' Shop Announcement

Greetings Everyone~

I've recently made some life changing decisions to my company "GoddessNaturals" by creating and specializing in lip wellness only...Below are the four new branches that flourished from my Tree Of Life)O(My Soul Support

Bee Bountiful Beauty~ Earth Tinted Mica Based Balms
Easy Going Vegan~ Non-Animal Based Balms
The Hemp Revolution~ Hemp Seed Oil Based Balms
The Roaming Bee~ Beeswax Based Balms

I'm very particular and use only the highest quality ingredients that are always non-gmo, organic, unrefined and most times bought straight from farmer, my preferred method...I'm blessed to have an abundance of green minded people from around the world to draw from, an example would bee I buy straight from local beekeepers for all my beeswax...So with that in mind if your a producer of any of the materials I use, please contact me privately I would love to speak with you...

Attention: To contact me outside of Etsy>>>
my personal email and cell #
"sheasanddjembes@hotmail.com or 575-449-5801"
bee)o(well much <3 love Carrieann