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Welcome and thanks for visiting "Golden Age Of Mexican Photography" TM (aka Mexico Arts), a place where you can experience a Mexico that once was, but has sadly disappeared. A Mexico when old women, dressed in perpetual-mourning black, would wake up before the rooster sang to sweep the sidewalk. and water the plants. When still-warm milk was purchased in clear plastic bags, and a corner was cut with scissors for pouring. When I was told to walk to the tortilleria down the block with a clean cotton cloth to wrap the fresh, hot tortillas coming off the conveyer belt. When my uncle Guadalupe would wake up the household at what seemed an unGodly hour, shouting "Buen dia!" That's the Mexico I remember as a child.

This fine collection was recently featured in Warner Bros upcoming feature film GANGSTER SQUAD, starring Sean Penn.

So sit down with your cup of cafe Kahlua, or favorite tequila, and enjoy this rare and unique black & white, vintage photographic collection from 1930's-1950'S, Jalisco, Mexico,

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Thank you.


"Demonstrating precision and talent to capture still images on medium-and large-format cameras, the images act as a social documentary that is representative of culture and how people lived at the time, and for being decades old, the photographs are surprisingly crisp and sharp, giving them a retro look with a modern feel."

-- Juliette Funes, L.A. TIMES

"The pair took epic photographs of Tijuana and Tepatitlan, Mexico — giving striking depth and character to everyday life. Now, more than 50 years later, the duo’s art is receiving a new life and greater interest than ever."

-- Carl Kozlowzki, PASADENA WEEKLY

"José Vera Fine Art & Antiques is pleased to announce “The Golden Age of Mexican Photography™: The Fine Art Photography of Samuel Gutierrez & Herminio Lopez, 1930s-1950s.” The exhibition, which runs from March 5 – April 25, 2011, is the first-ever photographic art exhibit of this rare and unique collection, preserved by Victor Herminio Lopez, son and nephew of the late photographers."


*Wow!!! Awesome..absolute collection of unique, the emotions captured in each photo is timeless...I was trasported..sensational..your fathers very handsome. no words are enough to describe the beauty and essences captured in each photo.

- S. Ozdemir, London, U.K.

*These are amazing, beautiful, powerful, inspirational, and all around better than i could have possibly imagined. thank you!

- N. Brusilovski, Baltimore Maryland

*Great photos! Way Cool!

- R. Angelique, Los Angeles, California

*How friggin exciting for you and your family. There isn't a better person to do this. Hope to buy one or two or three...Fantastic! Xoxoxoxo

- L. Bell, Los Angeles, California

*Oh my GOD!!!! you have to have an art show...this is amazing..Camerina is a movie star!! How lucky you are!! How amazing, and rich your family history is...

- S. Portillo, San Pedro, California

*The photos are really cool!

- J. Dreyfus, Los Angeles, California

*WOW! The Bold and the Beautiful! Those pictures are treasures indeed. My favorites are Celia and the Harley silhouette, Camerina as a bridesmaid, and your father "as a movie star" which is the perfect caption.

- L.Sheppard, Seal Beach, California