art, watercolor paintings, prints by Holly Ward Bimba

I prefer kolinsky red sable brushes made from the soft tail hairs of the siberian weasel.
I enjoy writing and drawing with pen and ink. Long lists of words inspire ideas for my paintings.
A great horned owl painting in progress at my studio.
I'm a collector of tiny bits of nature which I keep in my studio for inspiration.
Detail of watercolor painting, Entomology Collection No. 17, Moths.

Do What You Love

I have always been an artist as far as I can remember and I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I really cannot remember a time when art was not a part of my life in some way. I think you must do what you love.

My work has gone through many visual transformations over the years. I'm a bit of a hummingbird when it comes to image making and I am always brimming with new ideas. If only my hands could work faster! Certain things have remained constant: my obsession with patterns and the cycle of life. Looking back, there have been little seeds planted along the way that influenced the art I make today. Here are just a few:

My very first recollection is that I took a class called insect study in third grade. My teacher wore a bracelet made of amber which had a mosquito perfectly preserved inside of it. I think that was the start of my fascination with bugs, insects and the natural world along with frequent trips to the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.

I studied fashion illustration and life drawing at the Fashion Institute of Technology as part of their Saturday Live, pre-college program. I loved my weekend jaunts in the city, however my high school art teacher in her quiet, subtle way, made a great impression on me too. She was a traditional watercolor painter who always worked along with us. I can remember simply enjoying watching her paint. She really taught me to work with watercolor and I have loved the medium ever since.

I received my BFA from Syracuse University, where I studied the fine art of printmaking, papermaking, and book arts. Half alchemy and half art, I loved the repetition of process art and that has certainly remained with me, though I don't do as much printmaking these days. My studies included trips to the local zoological garden, SUNY Forestry School's taxidermy collection and Crouse Medical College, to study animal and human forms in life and in death. A summer abroad in Italy was a marvelous experience that fused together my love of the romantic, religious and scientific elements of art and nature.

Lastly, living in the Virginia countryside, taking long walks through woods and fields, observing the tiny details in nature, reading countless novels, the poetry of Emily Dickinson, Psalms, biographies, art monographs and peculiar books like, The Hummingbird Cabinet and Stuffed Animal and Pickled Heads, has all jumbled together to shape my quirky imagery.

I hope you enjoy my collection of work. I am grateful for the opportunity to share it with you!

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Golly Bard is a nonsense nickname given to me by my family. I'm just a girl, with a slightly curious style, who is happiest with a brush in hand. I live in Upperville, Virginia with my husband, Chuck and two dogs, Ladybird and Cowboy.

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