GoneStudio's Shop Announcement

Gone Studio is the maker of the Greensleeve, the plastic-free iPad case you can feel good about. It's made with zero waste, zero energy and 100% sheep's wool.

Zero plastic
I use no plastic or other petrochemicals in the products I make. As a result, you’re assured that your Gone Studio product isn’t contributing to the drilling, spilling, refining or disposing of oil that can be so harmful to the environment.

Zero waste
I recycle or reuse all the materials I use in the course of making our products. Nothing goes in the landfill.

Zero energy
That’s right--I don’t use any electricity in making Gone Studio products for you. I use only natural materials and components made with minimal energy, and my in-house manufacturing is 100% electricity-free, using only hand- and foot-powered tools and machinery.

I design environmentally friendly products to help you thrive while shaping a healthy environment for generations to come. I use only renewable, recycled, recyclable and durable materials of the highest quality.

George Elvin
Owner, Gone Studio